Dry White Wines

  • 2013 Lynn Aleksandr Chardonnay - Bronze Medal (Taster’s Guild) - limited four barrel blend, aged 12 months in Great Lakes Oak Barrels. Subtle fruit is present on the nose, but less so on the palate where it is both rich and crisp. An inviting finish with a lingering hint of oak.  
    RS – 0%
  • Wood Duck Riesling  – A serious dry Riesling with just the right acid balance to complement fish and mild cheeses. Proof that Michigan Rieslings don’t have to be sweet. RS – 0%
  • 2013 Lynn Aleksandr Estate Vidal Blanc – Thick skinned & bright with citrus vim & herbaceous vigor. A great refreshing white wine that pairs well with shellfish. RS – 0%
  • 2013 Lynn Aleksandr Old Woodstock #2  – Named after the Schoolhouse we now call home this is an intriguing blend of three white varietals that are suited to Michigan’s cooler climate, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, and Traminette. Fermented separately then blended so the character of each stands out. Fruity notes from the Riesling, the classic floral aromatics from the Gewurztraminer, and an almost nutty finish from the Traminette. RS – 0%

Dry Red Wines

  • 2012 Lynn Aleksandr Meritage – Silver Medal (Taster’s Guild) -  2012 was a great year for grapes in Michigan, hot and dry conditions all summer led to concentrated aromatics and flavors in the fruit. This Meritage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Great nose, great body and great finish; a distinguished Michigan Red.  RS – 0%
  • Lynn Aleksandr Marechal Foch – Its finally back!!! Dark and inky in color with notes of blackberry and black cherry. Balanced by the acidity you’ve come to expect in Michigan Reds. RS – 0%
  • Great Lakes Nouveau – Gold Medal (Taster’s Guild) - 100% estate grown Frontenac. At harvest, we press the juice off the skins immediately and then finish ferment in Great Lakes Oak. Fresh, bright, and crisp, with candied fruit aromatics and tastes of cranberry and cherry, serve chilled.
  • Montage – Gold Medal (MI Wine Competition) It’s back, our Award Winning Red! A surprising blend of Cabernet Sauvignon & Chancellor Noir. Great legs and tannins. Notes of cherry in the nose & on the palette. Round mouth feel with a long finish. RS - 0%
  • Old Schoolhouse Red (Raceway Red) –  Double Gold Medal (MI Wine Competition) A smooth blend of Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin, and Chancellor Noir. A great complement to any red meat. RS - 1%

Semi Dry & Semi Sweet Wines

  • 2013 Lynn Aleksandr Traminette – Semi Dry White – Silver Medal - Back by popular demand is our Traminette. This refreshing white combines fruity aromatics, a slight floral note, and an almost nutty finish with a balanced acidity; making it the perfect summer wine. RS – 1.5%
  • La Mia Famiglia– Semi Dry Red - Bronze Medal – This wine is reminiscent of a good Italian Lambrusco. Off dry, pleasing to all palates. Great for summer fun and BBQs!  RS – 1.5%
  • Summer Breeze- Semi Sweet White – Double Gold  A wonderful Michigan blend, fruity with nice acid balance. Sweet, smooth and easy drinking. Great with cheese, ham & fish.  RS – 2.5%
  • Desire – Demi-Sec Sparkling – Bubbly for any occasion. A blend of unoaked Chardonnay and Pinot this crisp refreshing Demi-Sec is great anytime! RS – 2.5%

Sweet & Fruit Wines

  • Rosie’s Rose’ – Bronze Medal The ultimate summer wine. Michigan's answer to White Zin! ~Serve well chilled on a deck, or a boat!. Similar to white zinfandel but nicer.  RS – 3%
  • Devils Lake Red (Ninja Red) –  Silver Medal –  This is a fun, fruity, chillable Red Wine. A blend that always includes some Concord, for that classic grape note. Great for summer fun! RS – 4%
  • Cherry Wine – Gold Medal – Made from 100% Michigan Balaton Tart Cherries, this wonderful wine has a hint of spice and just the right amount of sweetness.  RS – 4%
  • Autumn Red –  A real seasonal favorite, rich mulling spices in a semi dry red wine. Served warmed, near a cozy fire. Makes a great holiday gift! RS- 4%
  • Cranberry Passion – Silver Medal A delightful treat. This sweet wine is balanced by natural cranberry tartness to quench your taste. RS: 6.5%
  • Maria Maria Sangria – It’s back by popular demand for the summer. Refreshing and fruity, this blend of red wine and citrus notes is perfect for summer fun. RS – 6%
  • Great Lakes Sautern – Our take on one of the great regional wines of France. Traditional ‘Sauternes’ crafted in a sub-region of Bordeaux, result in a distinctly sweet wine. Using local grapes we’ve produced our version of this pleasing sweet wine. RS – 7%
  • Raspberry Beret – This version of one of our old favorites features sweet Seyval Blanc wine blended with Raspberries. Sweet, Fruity & refreshing. RS – 7%
  • Jazz – Gold Medal – The sweet red wine you have been looking for. A raspberry flavored wine with all the health benefits of red wine but smooth & sweet.  RS – 7%

Current Cider List

  • CPA – Hopped Cider – Drinks like a cider, but finishes like an IPA. Our take on a Gluten Free version of an IPA. Try it, I bet you’ll like it! Also Available in Bottles, Take one home today.  RS – 1.5%
  • Temptation – Well balanced Cinnamon Ginger Cider. Subtle hints of the spices you love with crisp apple notes. RS – 4%
  • Dancing Elephants - Cherry Apple Cider - Michigan Tart Cherry juice blended with local apples. RS – 4%
  • Lady – Blueberry Cider – Local apples fermented and blended with Michigan Blueberry Juice.  RS – 4.5%
  • Root Beer Cider – Yes, you read that right. An old classic in cider form! RS – 6%
  • Cider Saturday Special – Each Saturday during cider Saturdays we will showcase a limited release cider. Ask your server for details about todays special.

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